bulletproof material, bulletproof backpack, protection up to 9mm or 44 Magnum, Protection Level IIIA

Product Details

Bullet Proof Backpack

  • Model:VF001
The CUSTOM MADE Protection Level IIIA BulletProof backpack design and manufactured in TAIWAN

    Product Introduction

    Through clever design, it can be protected by built-in bulletproof panel on the front chest and back at the same time.
    The latest bulletproof material from Taiwan manufacturer, at least 2 kg less than other brands of the same grade of bulletproof material. Protection Level IIIA as per NIJ, USA (protection up to 9mm or 44 Magnum)

    The exterior outlook of the backpack is for reference only. We are happy to provide different outlook design for each individual brand. Co-design with brand for the bag structure is available too.

    Product design and manufactured in TAIWAN.