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Who we are

Established in 2005, Double C & S Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based bag development, manufacturing, and marketing company. From design concept, integrated discussions, to sample development, whether it is a daily used bag or special specifications with functions, whether the material is conventional fabric or special functional materials, our professional team provides OEM and ODM services for Taiwan and global brands with the mastery of design, controlling material specifications, production technology and trade logistics. We are committed to our clients - we build longstanding relationships and make service a number one priority.

What we do

Our process starts with fully communication to determine client's needs and instructions, we are able to advise the most appropriate design for custom-made, branded products. Continues with concept presentations, followed by technical to ensure production smooth and quality stable. Keeps you up to date on the status of the development and production during whole process. Our success stems from the ability to generate a concept and bring that concept to life!
In addition to own patterns and designs, we have a great variety of supplier resources here in Taiwan which can help brands develop special specifications of materials, electronic equipment, etc., a great unique product can be developed. Moreover, our excellent design team and long-term brand co-partnership experience are happy to provide all necessary assistance for new brands from product design to small-scale and diversified production plans, we can act as a partner for the brand to grow stronger.

We hope our website provides you with a first look at our company. However, this is mean to be just a starting point. Double C & S is all about relationships and we hope you to contact us for a full introduction. We know we can be of service to you.